What is / washington, DC

Washington, District of Columbia is the city / county / not-quite-but-sometimes-fills-in-for-being-a-state where I live. Creating these maps have made me think about this city, what it was and what it is becoming.
To think about moving through the city, I used the trip from the hospital where I was born to the house where I now live. To consider who has lived here, after the Powhatan and the farmers who were on the very boundary of L'Enfant's city, I used census data for the tract where my house is. I looked at the deeds over the century, of couples buying the house and selling later.
How the streets are named, where the parks are, who lives in my neighborhood and how many people have moved there, are all part of what Washington is. The maps I looked at during this process and the maps I made make me realize how much more there is to figure out.